Excel Power Query - How to refer to different sheets of info based on value

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Hi Team,

I'm new to the Power Query aspect of Excel (and more broadly to the more complex side of excel), I am dealing with a situation where I need to:

- Read from 1 spreadsheet, and match a cost $ value against individual item codes.
- Where the value returns as N/A or 0 (means spreadsheet 1 hasnt found a $ value), read the cost value from a separate spreadsheet instead.

How might I go about achieving this? If it doesn't fall within Power Query, thats also fine - a solution would be amazing.


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@Craig530 You would have to connect to both sheets and then perform a merge of the two based on the item code. Since you mention to be new to PQ, it's good to learn more about its basics first. The link below takes you to a site that can do just that.



Scroll down towards the bottom of that page and go through the blog posts listed (1-20). Number 13 deals with your issue.