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Hi everybody,

I am a novice at Excel and I can't find a way to do something with my PivotTable, this is why I am asking for your help.

I have this huge main sheet with mostly text from my Phd researches (Law). In one of the column, I have the name of the institution which started the litigation. On another column, I wrote the name of the institution defending itself against the litigation. I have several other columns including a column with the date of each litigation.


I manage to do a pivot table showing the name of the institution which started the litigation in relation with the date. I am able to do the same with the institution defending itself but, I can't obtain a chart showing both. I want to realize a chart where you can see how many litigations an institution started over the past years and how many it has had to defend itself against. 


I join the two different charts I got. It's in French but I hope it's clear enough. 


Thanks for your help,


Fleur HD.

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Can you perhaps provide us with a small (anonymous) data sample and an example of what the end result must look like?

I tried to save on another file a sample of my work sheet. I've recreated the two pivotTables I was talking about (those that I desperately tried to do together and not in two distinct tables).


About the chart, I am trying to have a chart in which :

- x axis would show the number of litigation;

- y axis the years

- two different series : one for when the institution started the litigation (in french : l'institution requérante) and another when the institution had to defend itself (l'institution défenderesse).


Thanks for your help

I used "Get & Transform" to reshape the data so I could create the pivottable needed. You can use the attached, paste your current data into the first sheet and then click refresh all. Make sure you do not change the headers of the table on the first sheet.

Thanks a lot. I will try that ;)