Excel Pivot Table Odd Indentations

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I have created a Pivot Table with a number of items in tabular form as row headings.  The last field is numeric ("age").   This column uses a format that is centered.  I am seeing an odd behavior that Excel is periodically right-justifying those numbers.  It isn't random.  It always happens when the second number is the same as the prior line.  And it happens consistently when two consecutive rows have the same number.  Example is attached (see first two lines...).  Anyone know how to control this odd removal of formatting?




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@Bob_Belden Just adding to my initial post.  The issue on the second number that ends up right justified is that Excel simply removes the cell formatting for some reason.  It isn't that Excel is trying to right justify, it is rather that it is simply removing the formatting altogether, and Excel defaults to right justification for a number.