Excel Pivot Table - Group date by month for one pivot table only

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Hello guys,


I would like to group date into month just for one specific pivot table in a file. When I group the date, it always applies to all the pivot table. Is there any way to apply just one pivot table? 

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@kevin121 I believe that's by design when you group dates by right-clicking on a data and the Group. Avoid that!


Don't know which version you are using, but Excel should automatically group dates in pivot tables. Under File, Options, Data you find a switch to disable that. Just make sure that is NOT checked.


When you drag a date into the row or column field, you should see extra fields popping up in the field list t for Month (and perhaps Quarter and Year.) Now, for the tables that you want to be on the date level, just uncheck the Month (Quarter, Year) fields. And for the one that should be by month, just keep the Month field. Perhaps difficult to follow, but the attached file shows three differently grouped PT's, all based on the same data.



Hello Riny,


Thanks for the feedback. when I t uncheck the Month (Quarter, Year) fields. It apply to other pivot Table I have. Is there any thing I did wrong?

@kevin121 Can't tell what's wrong without seeing the file, but I suspect you still did the grouping manually.