Excel Pivot Table Design Style no longer formats Grand Totals

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Hi - I am wondering if the 9/28 update caused an issue with existing pivot tables. All my pivot tables in existing spreadsheets have lost the formatting of the Grand Totals and the Design Styles all have no Grand Total formats now. Has anyone experienced this issue?

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Same here. I thought it was just me. I tried adding new style, and nothing is working.
I tried that as well and nothing. I thought it might have been my laptop so I re-checked all the settings and even tried another laptop. Same issue. When I create a brand new pivot table, the styles appear to be working and the Grand Total formats are there. I really don't want to re-create all my pivot tables. I have a LOT of them
I just upgraded to office 365 and having the same issue.
The format on grand total is gone whether I refresh the old pivot or re-created my pivot

I found out it shows the old format if I choose the grand totals to "On for Rows and Columns"
But most of the times I only need to show grand totals for "Columns Only", temporarily to retain the format I do :
1. Choose the layouts as "On for Rows and Columns"
2. Copy and paste the grand totals row
3. Change the layouts as "Columns Only"
4. Copy the grand totals row on step 2 with format painter and paste it on the grand totals pivot

It is such a hassle, I hope microsoft fix this

I have the same problem, and it is really annoying as all my reports lost grand total formatting. 

@PAL3110 I can reproduce this issue and will report it to MSFT. I highly recommend you to do this as well. Open such a pivot table, refresh it and then click Help, Feedback, I don't like something. Describe the issue and (if you like) check to send a screen-shot too.