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Good morning,


I am struggling to solve the following task. We would like to produce a pipeline graph using the following information:


Project Name, start date, length of project, value of project and probability of winning. 


The weighted sales will be value x probability. This value then needs to be split equally over the length of the project, this is the bit I am struggling with. Does anyone know of an automated way excel can feed this into a table.




Weighted Sales of 25,000, start date of Jan-22 and project length of 4 months.


I would like to create the following

            Jan-22     Feb-22     Mar-22    Apr-22    May-22

Sales     6,250      6,250        6,250      6,250       0.00


Is there a way to automate this with formulas?


Thank you.

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@Phill215 Perhaps you can work with a set-up like in the attached file.



You are a god amongst men! Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!