Excel paste w/filters on

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Our office works in very large Excel workbooks. We have found when copy and pasting with filters on, the paste function will randomly paste data on records that are not part of the selected/filtered content, corrupting the records with erroneous data. Is there a way to eliminate this from occurring?

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The  procedure itself is what's questionable. From a sheer data integrity point of view, what you are doing--don't blame Excel--is asking for trouble.


So let's back up and describe what these large workbooks represent, what you're seeking to paste from one place to another, why you deem it necessary to filter the more complete data set before Copying and pasting in the first place is doing manually what Excel has functions to do for you, without introducing what you're calling "randomly" inserting data that don't belong.


There is, for example, a FILTER function (not talking about the little Filter icon on the tool bar), an actual function that can extract data from one place and move it to another, filtering on the basis of selection criteria. In other words, it can I strongly suspect, extract the data you want without, once the criteria are clearly established, randomly bringing in data that don't belong. In addition to the link up in the first sentence, you might find this YouTube video instructive.