Excel page heights not matching




I have the following problem -- when I go to print preview/view excel in page break preview, on 2 different computers, the page breaks on one do not match the other. I have checked the following:-


Both computers are on Office 365

Both excel documents are the same document, i.e. we are both opening and using the same document, therefore all row heights are the same

Scaling on both is set to 100%, and the margins are the same.

Page options and print preview options are all the same from what we can tell.


Although, somehow the height on one excel seems to expand compared to the other, and it is baffling us!!


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @Robert1290 


the different page breaks might result from different printers. Do both computers use the sames printer?


No they do not. They are different printers.
Hi @Martin_Weiss

Could we somehow disconnect our printers, and then see the page break preview option on the bottom ribbon on the excel sheet to see whether that changes it at all?

Hi @Robert1290 


you could try to change the printer to a standard one that is available on both PC's (like PDF printer or something similar). Maybe this helps. 

Hi @Martin_Weiss

We have done this, and also changed it as default printer in our printer settings too, but still have the same issue.
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Hi @Martin_Weiss,

I managed to solve it, on display settings on my colleagues computer, she had text height set at 150%, which was the root cause. This fixed my problem. Thanks for your assistance.