EXCEL Opens with Line Above Line 1

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Help please.  I selected some EXCEL function which causes a blank workbook to open and show a line above Line 1.  I think the line is called Formula Builder.  I want to remove it and just have the workbook open with Line 1 as the first line.  What drop down function do I use to change this.  (Even more strange, when I save the workbook and then reopen it, the numbers down the left column are upside down.  Once I scroll up and down they appear normal again!)  Thank you.  Joe Ranney

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Do you mean the formula bar? Or the column headers?


If you want to hide the formula bar:

  • Select File > Options
  • Select Advanced
  • Scroll down to the section Display
  • Clear the check box 'Display formula bar'
  • Click OK.
  • This is an application-wide setting

If you want to hide the column headers:

  • Select File > Options
  • Select Advanced
  • Scroll down to the section Display options for this worksheet'
  • Clear the check box 'Show row and column headers'
  • Click OK.
  • This setting applies to the selected worksheet only; it does not affect other worksheets and other workbooks


If you don't want to show formula bar when uncheck this setting


Hi Joe,

You can use the Insert button at the left end of the Formulas tab. Otherwise, if entering directly into a cell, you can start typing the name of the function preceded by “ = “ to produce a list of function names.

Additionally, you can right-click in the edit field of the “ Formula Bar” or in a cell & click on “ Insert Function” from an alphabetical list of all functions without producing the Formula Builder.

Other possible causes are that you might be doing the following
• you're going to Insert> Function in order to create your formula, or
• you're clicking the disclosure triangle of the “AutoSum [𝚺]” button on the Standard Toolbar & selecting More Functions...
I hope this helps!
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