Excel opens copy of file every time i click on the file and when i try to save..

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I will start from the beginning to make sure you understand:

I right click on the file which is protected

Dialog box for password opens, but this dialog box is for the "copy file"

If I enter the password for the "copy file" it opens a grey blank excel file (print screen below)

After this I close the "copy" grey excel file

Dialog box for the original file opens

I enter the password and is all good...

If I don't enter the password for the copy file, then every time I push "save" I get this dialog box for the copy fie to introduce the password.

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Simply speaking when I double click or right click to open an password protected Excel file, it opens a file and copy of the file...and this is very annoying!


Link:Protection and security in Excel

Notes: Protecting the workbook is not the same as protecting an Excel file or a worksheet with a password. See below for more information:

Additional Links:

Link:Password Options

Link:How to unprotect the excel sheet if forgot the password


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@ohmnamoh I was wondering if you got a proper answer/solution yet?  I have the same issue and it is annoying for sure.