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Hi there,

I have just converted a file for work from the regular desktop version to online as it needs to be shared with multiple people. In the file, I have multiple pivot tables that we are consistently adding data to. For some reason in the online version, the file won’t let me refresh the pivot tables at all. Anyone ever run into this and know any solutions?
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Why don't you put use Sharepoint Folder connector to connect the files and then refresh?

Secondly, Did you put all the files inside desktop folder and use Power query to connect and then connect it online


If data source is within same file, you don't use Power Query and user has proper permissions, PivotTable shall be refreshable in Excel for web. Both with using data model or not.


What exactly happens on Refresh All ?

I have never used SharePoint folder connecter. How do you use that?

And I started by making the pivot tables in the desktop version of Excel. I had two sheets in there that contains a unique list of data and a list of data that we continue to add to. The pivot tables pull from both these source tables of data.
All my source data is within the same file, so I didn’t use power query. When I click refresh all, I get an error message saying ‘this workbook contains external data connections or BI features that are not supported.”