Excel Online - same tenant, same version numbers different features ? How is that possible




I have a special question and for me very strange too.  


2 Users within the same tenant, same browser version, same computer configuration open an Excel File via Excel Online which is stored in an SharePoint in that Tenant. 


Person 1 can open the file and work with features like Data Validation List etc.

Person 2 can open the only readonly because of unsupported features. 


And the same goes for Flow (Connector Excel Business Online). That's how we came up with this error.


Person 1 can run the flow which is based on that file.


Person 2 the flow returns and error because of unsupported features. 



Both User see the Version number 16.0.14012.37951 in Excel Online. 



How is that possible and the main thing how to resolve. 



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The answer I can give you is without guarantee. Please enjoy this information with great caution.


My knowledge in Excel for web is currently being built up


As far as I still have in mind, I have read somewhere that if one has logged into the PC with the PC user account and the other with the Microsoft password, it can happen that the PC user can only download backup copies or look at them. Is just a thought that I pass on here as information, whether this information is actually of use for you I cannot predict in advance.


Here are additional links / information from Microsoft

Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool is available

Repair an Office application

Repair a corrupted workbook


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Erik, in subscription model functionality is deployed gradually, both for online and desktop versions. Build number is only means that this or that functionality is included into build code, but that doesn't mean it switched on for everyone who has this build. For desktop version it is deployed by channels and people on same channel have functionality one by one, it takes some time to add everyone.

For Online version first who receives new functionality are targeted users which could be assigned by tenant admin. After that all users in same tenant shall receive same functionality, again that could be some delay from one to another user. At least that my understanding how it works.

If significant delay it's better if admins will contact support with an issue, all users in tenant but targeted shall have the same functionality after some waiting period.


many thanks for your information. Though Person 1 is a targeted User set via Admin Center ... that was then our thinking to as we have digged deeper.

Later we included Person 2 also in the target but I case we have to wait until thinks kicks up. After 24 hours features are still not available.

I didn't know that this diverse is not visible via the Build/Version Number that is why I was confused. This is much clearer in the Desktop Apps I think.

Anyhow ... thx again for clarification.