Excel Online: is there a mail-merge equivalent to produce reports?

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I have a spreadsheet with student results, where each student has several grades for different assessment items.


I need to be able to produce reports for each individual student.


In the past I have used a Mail Merge for this, and also Excel VBA to produce PDF reports. Neither of these options work using Excel Online.


Is there any Office 365 tool that will allow me to generate reports based on a template from Excel Online data?

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I would love this, too.  This is very easily accomplished with Google Sheets.

I had such experience without using VBA. In that case, I need to copy a lot of worksheet (Template Report) and then use the class no for the vlookup to lookup student's result in their report. 


If you have creative cloud and Adobe, you can convert the pdf to Word and insert text boxes where you would like to enter in names of students or marks. Then go to mailings and link to your excel data then do mail merge to pdf.