Excel Online - How to reference ranges and tables in different workbooks?

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Testing office online - cannot reference a range or table in different workbook in formulas

Is this possible in online/web version?



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- select range/table in one workbook

- copy it

- got to another workbook

- right click on cell where to paste and select


- enable content




As a variant:

Create a named range within the workbook you will be referencing then use the named range as a reference within the workbook you are using the formulas in


Did I miss something, Excel Online supports naming?

@Sergei Baklan 


Not that I am aware of, but op was asking if possible in online version, but didn't mention that they don't have excel desktop and only has online version. So just in case they have desktop version, then they can setup referencing the excel file using desktop version but when they open the file using online version I assume the results to the setup named range reference still works. Correct me if I have an incorrect assumption.