Excel online displaying images but when I print - get Unknown! Errror

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Excel online shows the image



But the print preview just shows an error? It has been working fine for a year and I haven't changed anything at all- just stopped working this week. 


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A simple question for you: why are you using Excel in this case? It would appear that you're creating a catalog of some sort, and while I'll grant that Excel's rows and columns layout is convenient for that, you can accomplish the same layout in Word (using Word's tables). So is there some other reason that draws you to Excel?

@mathetes it's a sell through report with figures that change weekly, I run it off Power BI - not sure how word would help this? The top sellers move positions which is why the images can't be fixed and have to be variable.

OK. So there's a reason; that's all I was asking. I've never used Power BI, so am not in a position to answer that.

@HazelTS I've been having the same issues and I'm curious if you ever found the solution? 


@HLD1234 I did not, sorry. However it turns out there is a newer version of Excel which I updated to, it will load pictures on the desktop version just like on sharepoint, and the print to pdf works fine from there. However this has created a new problem, in that I have a couple of hundred lines of pictures that now load every time I open the file in Excel, making the tabs that contain them extremely slow to load and scroll through. If I needed to modify them I think I'd have to mash the formula up temporarily just to get it all working! Sorry I can't be of help, I'm 90% sure it's a MS issue and I guess they just haven't seen it.

Have you figured out a solution?  We use excel because it does not change the settings - margins, size, etc.  I will have to play with word. @HazelTS 

@lbaystate No but I upgraded my version of office and now I have the pictures loading directly in Excel, I don't have to go to excel online.


This has created a different problem as the tabs with the formulas generating images are so slow to load - I don't know if there's a way of switching off the hyperlinks. But anyway my reports were already designed and written so luckily it's ok!

That's what I thought. The point of having it online is so we can access it anywhere and share it. That stinks. It was working too for us before and then it stopped.
Yeah I didn't realise it still wasn't working on online as I hadn't checked recently. It's a bit of a design flaw and I'm pretty sure it's not user error so I guess only MS can fix. They definitely need an on off switch for displaying images in files though.