Excel One Drive File Sharing

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I share a file on my one-drive with 5 other users.  Previously, these users had edit access.  I am the account owner.  After the most recent excel update, users are now able to customize their viewing options.  It allowed them to see only their edits, or everyone's edits (which mainly they were using to filter only).  


The problem kept occurring, where... If I went in and made an edit, and another user had the file open, and it was on a custom view option for their own edits, they would not be able to see the edit I made.  Even worse, if they closed out of the report, after me, their old data, was saving over the new data I had entered.


I removed access to the other 5 users.  Re-shared the file with view access only.  Now, unfortunately, they cannot view any edits that I made to the document after the initial link was sent.  They are unable to see any edits, let alone edits in real-time.


How can I fix this?

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