Excel - OLE Issue

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I have had this issue repeatedly and have explored other OLE related message boards. My issue is occurring in a very simple Excel file that employs only addition and sum formulas. The error message I am receiving does not specifically refer to another application. The pop-up says “Microsoft Excel is waiting for “ to complete an OLE action.” When this happens my entire system freezes. I can’t switch to other programs or even my desktop. Eventually I have to do a hard shut down and restart to get my system back operational. And then I have lost all the progress on the spreadsheet. 

(1) why is this happening?

(2) what does the “ mean in the error message?

(3) can I simply copy the content of the spreadsheet to a new spreadsheet or will I be transferring what might be corrupted?


thank you for your help. 

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Make sure you use Paste Special to paste the content to another file. Then select the correct paste option, such as Values or Formulas. Repeat the paste special if you also want to include cell formats.