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Hi! Good Morning!

Yesterday our QA staff told me that her excel has an error when she open a files from our Network File Server. That file has a size of 417,223 KB or 407 MB, and when I copy it to the desktop, it can open without the error but it takes a minute to open.


Kindly help us to fix this issue.


Thank you!




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I am curious about this, too. I have a user who has had this issue for months when he tries to open files from Sharepoint. Even if he downloads the files to his local HDD, he gets the error. I have disabled DDE in Excel, I have performed an Online Repair of Office, I have uninstalled and performed a fresh install of Office, I have factory reset the computer. One of my co-workers is able to get into the same files and work in them from Sharepoint, opened on the Excel desktop app without any issues. My company has given him 3 different, new computers and he has the same issue on all of them. I have read forums as far back as 2019 and nothing mentioned in them as "fixes" is fixing this issue. Are there any ideas or suggestions for fixing this OLE error?