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in our company we are using excel in office 365.

We are using filtering a lot. When a few pepople are using filters you have two options to choose.

"Show only mine options" or "Show everyone's options"

We are using show only mine options to not disturb work of others.


Here's the problem. Since yesterday, option show only mine doesn't work. When you choose it, nothings happen. We can use only show everyone's options.


Please let me know where is the problem.

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Excel for the web

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Excel for the web (formerly Excel Web App) extends your Microsoft Excel experience to the web browser, where you can work with workbooks directly on the website where the workbook is stored. All customers can view and lightly edit Office files using Office for the web.


Workbooks that exceed 50 megabytes (MB) cannot be viewed in Excel for the web from within Microsoft SharePoint Online. To view larger files, you'll need the Excel desktop app installed on your computer.


To help you compare offers, advanced features listed in this article include Excel desktop app capabilities that are only available in the Office suite (such as Office Professional Plus, Office Standard, or Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise). For a list of all Office for the web features, such as Word for the web and PowerPoint for the web, see Feature availability across Office for the web plans.


To see what file type are supported by Excel for the web, see Supported file types for Office for the web. To learn more about the differences between Excel for the web and the Excel desktop app, see Differences between using a workbook in the browser and in Excel.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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I know for what it is. I would like to get reply for my question.


When I'm choosing option "show only my filters" nothing happens. It's not responding.

Earlier it wasn't like that.



@SzymonSobotait seems they fixed this overnight. We don't expierence this problem anymore.