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Hello ;

I'm having a problem with excel.
when I type on a cell for example 724768 it shows me
742875 I've tried everything, but the problem persists.
do you have a solution
see capture1-> when I type
result -> result
thank you in advance

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@mameu In the 2nd picture, the number in the formula bar is different from the number in the cell. Do you have the same problem in every new blank Excel file? what if you try to enter numbers using the Number pad versus the Number row on the keyboard? What if you type = first then enter your number?


Hello ; Thank you for your feedback. always the same problem when I change folders. when I type=724768. (Takes the right number) I reinstalled office, but still the same problem. I don't understand anything anymore. see screenshot

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That could be if thousand separator is set to 2



in Excel


or in OS settings. For Windows you could check

Win+R control international Advance setting


@Sergei Baklan 

Hello, Sergei Baklan;

I just checked "use system separator" and it worked.
I'm relieved
thank you so much.
many thanks again
Have a nice day and a good weekend





@mameu , you are welcome, glad to help