Excel number formatting for Mac

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When setting the cell to add space for thousand: 1 000, it draws a square between the 1 and 000 instendig of an empty space.

UseMacBook Pro late 2013, Catalina 10.15 and Excel for Mac 16.6

I would be happy to know how to get the correct space formatting

Rgds Johan

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@JohanSW On a Mac myself. Can't replicate your problem, but when you want a space as the 'thousands-separator', click the Apple logo (top left), System preferences. Then navigate to "Language and Region", "Advanced" and replace whatever grouping separators you have there now, with a space. 

Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 10.05.25.png

Now, save your work, and restart Excel.

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Just fantastic!!
I have tried and searched and wondered for so long, but was never even close.
Thank you for your help and wonderfully detailed instructions