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Good afternoon All,


Pretty hopeless person using Excel here.


I have a question regarding a formula regarding negative numbers.


We operate a profit share spreadsheet between us and what I am wanting to do is, if we make a loss on a product we sell, I want to divide a negative value by 2. Or if the number is positive, just show the number. This is on the back of subtracting two values, the cost price - the selling price.


In simple terms we have a cost price in one cell say A1, and our Selling Price in B1.

If it costs us £50.00 to make and we sell at £70.00 then the profit made is £20.00. The number is >0 so just display the number.

If it costs is £50.00 and we make a loss and sell at £30.00, then this is -£30.00. I want to divide this negative value by two so we can remove this amount from the sellers commission.


Is there such formula I can use which says If A1-B1 is negative, divide the number by 2, if it isn't, just show the number?


Hope this males sense and any help would be appreciated. 




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@OmarC85 Like this:



So simple when you now think about it. I am very grateful thank you.
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