Excel Novice need help with colour blocking between start and end time (hourly values)

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Hi Everyone... 


Thank you in advance... 

I am useless at Excel, very basic understanding and am trying to create a tool to help me understand individual coverage in a day. 


I am trying to create a simple 0500-2200 timeframe spreadsheet where I input a start time and end time, the sheet will automatically colour in a block between that start time and end time. 


Can anyone shed any light. 

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You can try this rule for conditional formatting. The start time and end time are entered in cells B2 and C2 in this example.

conditional formatting.JPG

Hiya, thank you so much for replying.... This is the basic format of what I'm trying to achieve @Quadruple_Pawn 




Screenshot (19).png

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This is the rule for conditional formatting in the screenshot.

conditional formatting hours.JPG