Excel not using whole RAM

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Hi -- 


My company provides me with a pretty powerful X1 Carbon Thinkpad Lenovo laptop with 32GB of RAM. Yet no matter how hard Excel is computing, only a fraction on the RAM is used which is a waste and doesn't prevent Excel from taking extra long before returning control when performing a costly update. 


One surprising thing is that even if i set up manual calculations and subsequently change a cell, Excel will get caught in "not responding" for 5 seconds before returning control...


The Excel file I used daily is very heavy (65MBs), I built it very carefully from scratch. I don't think there is any low hanging bug to quickly fix. I have a background in computer science and this startles me. There is no redundant data, no useless formatting, no conditional formatting, no macros running in the background, no pivot tables, etc. It is just very formula heavy. 


My PC and Excel are both in 64bits. I have tried disabling a bunch of settings to no avail. 


Hope i will finally find an acceptable reason here. 





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