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I just bought the microsoft package & my excel is not taking formulas. It is not taking anything starting with "=". The error message is "There is a problem with this formula. Not trying to type a formula? Type an apostrophe". I have gone & cheked in the files option if the calculations are automatic or not & it seems to be fine there. Am not understanding the issue. Can anyone please help?

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@Aarks The error message you describe occur when your formulae have syntax errors. E.g. semi-colons in stead of commas, separating the elements of a formula.

Which version / language are you on? Can you upload an example of a formula you try to enter?


Even with something like =1+2 ?

@Riny_van_Eekelen A simple formula like "=IF(C3>4000,True,False)". I really do not think it is because of the symbols here

@Sergei Baklan Yeah it is taking =1+2. It is not taking IF, AND, OR formulas

@Riny_van_Eekelen Pretty much like this




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Did you try to use semicolons instead of commas?

=IF( B3>1000; TRUE; FALSE)


@Sergei Baklan Gracias

@Aarks , you are welcome