Excel Not Calculating on a Spreadsheet with Other Sections That Were Calculated Correctly

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I have a spreadsheet where I copied several spreadsheets with formulas all calculated correctly and still calculating. I added a new section using the same formulas but they do not calculate and across (they show VALUE) or down. The bottom total is an Auto Sum. The horizontal totals are are a list of cells. I have copied the formula from above (still doesn't work) and searched online for similar problems and tried looking at all the icons and Excel Preferences set up and cannot find a solution to this issue.

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Is it possible for you to post a copy of the spreadsheet on OneDrive or GoogleDrive with a link here that grants access to the file?

Where is the link? I will post a portion the spreadsheet since the information is confidential.



You have to post the link yourself after putting the anonymized copy of the spreadsheet on OneDrive or GoogleDrive...once you put the copy in one of those two spots, you paste a link here that grants access. And, yes, by all means, remove or make anonymous any portion that is confidential.

I set up a Google Drive and posted it there but was unable to figure out how to show you. In the meantime, on impulse I decided to copy a section of the sheet and enter the new data and it worked. However, I should have been able to enter the data without doing all that so something got messed up.