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I have a report with my company that it's downloaded directly from salesforce and all other users are able to edit. 
When I attempt to edit the report it will never change. For instance, there is a column with a date format that needs to be changed to dd/mm/yy, and when I attempt to apply the format it just won't do it. 
I have tried with different formats and other columns and the behavior it's the same for all of them. 
I have also contacted our IT department and after installing a fresh new Excel the issue it's still happening. 
Any ideas on how to solve this? 

Thanks in advance! 


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there could be many things here.
Since you are editing a common file and probably downloading it from a cloud, there can be many causes.
one of them are macros in the workbook that is shared by all of you.

It can also be a problem with the cloud with the date that everything is preset in English and so it shows the date.
It can also be the cell formatting,
where you press the cell with the right mouse button,
go to format cells, click on numbers, then click on user-defined, then write for type: DD.MM.YYYY (if it is in English, in other languages such as German it would look like TT.MM.JJJJ).
It could, could ...

It is best if you add a file (without sensitive data) and understand the problem. That way we could offer you a faster and more precise solution.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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As variant in your case dates are returned as texts, you may check by =ISTEXT(A1) from any empty cell where A1 is cell with date in question.