Excel no longer capable of Relative links

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My excel is no longer ever storing links as relative links. This is super problematic as I need to reference a series of workbooks within a file and compare results with a government regulator.

What makes this worse is that when Excel fails to find the folder structure it doesn't use the saved values but updates to a previous version of the files that were opened accessing files not in the same folder or even drive in some test cases.

Does anybody know what could possibly be going on?
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Do the files happen to be in a OneDrive or Sharepoint folder ? If so I think this is an existing and known bug.
I have the same problem, but I guess this hasn't got a solution?

@thoprewa Eventually I solved this but only by basically killing my entire computer reformatting it and installing everything fresh. Not an ideal solution.

@GoodallS Happy to hear you got it working! Reformatting isn't an option to us, unfortunately, but good to know it can work.