Excel Multiple User Data Entry and Saving Issues

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To run our condo, we use an excel workbook with 10 worksheets: deliveries, service providers, maintenance activities, security incidents, resident phone book  ...you get it.  Door staff at station one enters data all day long every day - hundreds of lines of activity tracking - "auto save" is on all the way.  A supervisor at station two returns to an instance that has been open on his desktop for a few weeks just as a reference; his only data entry might be an updated phone number; then he hits X and closes the instance ...and it over-writes all of station one's data since.   Weeks of lost data.  No previous versions shown in the version drop-down (because auto save).  This has happened three times in the last 18 months, each time losing data for public reporting.  FRUSTRATING!  We do save the workbook to a different file name quarterly, and start with a clean file every six months.


Is there a way to have the file spit off a backup frequently from each station - maybe with a time stamp as part of the name - so one user's instance cannot obliterate entries from anothers?  


I think it stems from poor multi-user data management/saving in the cloud by excel -- and user error, of course -- but we've got to make it so users can't mistakenly lose data.  I hope I can help in some way.


Any ideas?

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