Excel Memory problem and not responded

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I use Excel,when i want to write colums something the excel throw me error about memory exception,how can i extend the mem

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Most probably you need to re-write formulae in more correct way. Perhaps you may share some sample.


If I may recommend for the future, please describe step by step how the error / topic comes about.

If possible, insert a photo or a file (without sensitive data) and describe the problem based on this.

Knowledge of the Excel version and the operating system would be advantageous for you to suggest a quick solution.


Before you try the steps in the links provided, please perform an update beforehand and carry out an Office repair.

Install Office updates

Repair an Office application

Clear the clipboard


After you have completed these steps, restart your computer before moving on to the next few links.

How to perform a clean boot in Windows


Here are some options / steps you could check through.

Troubleshoot why Excel doesn't save changes

"Excel cannot complete this task with available resources" error occurs in Excel 2010



Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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