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I have a dilemma. So basically I have a column for scenarios and a column for losses. To show the losses ranked from worst to best, I had to format it and change the settings, but now this leaves my scenario column not matching up, and was wondering is there a formula to sort it? I have seen all the match functions etc, but they're not the one. I shall attach a screenshot below.


The first file will contain the scenario's by the losses in the original form, and the second file will contain the losses ranked from worst to best, without the scenario's column filled in.

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You should be able to copy the following formula into cell "A2" of your 'Ranking Losses' tab...



If you want to check it's working...  

first just copy the above formula into cell "A2" then copy THAT CELL and paste that formula into cells "A12" and "A18", the results should continue to show '4' and '22' respectively.

Otherwise you can just FILL the formula down.


All this assumes that your column "G" in the 'Scenario' tab is only set to display 2 decimal places and not rounded to show DPs. I've included a spreadsheet for info.


Hope that helps.

Perfect. Thankyou very much.