Excel maps - Can’t get the last county for Poland [Solved]

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I’m creating a map chart of Poland that goes down to each county (a smaller level than provinces).

I had to translate a bunch of the county names to English for them to be correctly assigned. No bigger problem with that.


However I can’t get one last County – ‘Opole County

The issue is that it assigns the area to a different County (Mostly to the neighbor city with the same name or a county with the same name but different province) - they are a big darker on the map.

Assigning through the Geography type the correct county still shows on the map as the city.

So it seems to me like a bug.


Is there any way how I can map to the grayed out area?

I couldn’t find any workaround like picking up a town/district from this county (e.g. Ozimek).




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I've found the solution. I think I did check it earlier.
So the following phrase works: "Opolskie, Powiat opolski"
It's the province name and county in the same cell.