Excel map chart - regions not recognized

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Hi there, 


I am struggeling to build a map chart of Finland. Although the regions are correctly recognized as geography data, they are not plotted correctly in the map, as several regions are missing.


Thanks for your help!

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It works in my case


Please note the tool is sensitive to column names, do you use plain text, structured table and/or rich data types. As well as to exact region names.

That is really great - thank you so much, Sergei!
Do you happen to have already a map set up for Switzerland, by any chance. Struggling to make the map recognize the region Neuenburg/Neuchâtel and not to mistake it for the city. It's the only region I have this problem with. Thanks so much! :)

@JessHi , you are welcome

At least Neuchâtel is here


Oh, fantastic - thank you very much for your help. Much appreciated!

@JessHi , glad to help