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Is there a way to have a sheet and make a rule that if a column let's say Row A column 1, has a word or numbers in it like (NA) and Row W column 1 has the numbers 1-8, can I make a rule that would completely black out the entire row 1? I would need to do this for as many lines as possible but only if they contain specific letters or numbers. 

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A and W are columns and 1 is a row. Can you explain more clearly what exactly you want? Thanks in advance.

I’m for sure a basic excel user. For my job. I have data I need to pop out easier. So I need to have full lines black out if they have the word (NA) and uses the number (1-8) in the same line. I’m probably not making sense.


See the attached demo workbook.

To see the conditional formatting rule, select Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules... on the Home tab of the ribbon.