EXCEL Macros to link an image to a cell

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I have an excel document that I use to create an Inventory Stock Report from MYOB.

There are 4 x Macros used in this document that let you hover over an item code in a cell and displays an image (that is saved on our server and also displayed in the Item's Inventory card in MYOB)
1. AppendToExistingOnRight

2. ColourChange (takes the .jpg from being visible from the file name)

3. InsertComments

4. ResizeAllComments


My issue is, is that some time ago we changed our file storage location and this info was never updated within the Macros. I have tried changing to what I think it should be but now all i get is a blank box (where the image should be) when I hover over a cell.


Unfortunately, I haven't had much experience with Macros so unsure where to look to fix this issue.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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The knowledge of the new path as well as a file (without sensitive data) with the existing macro would help a lot, that one could present you with a reasonable proposal for a solution.
Knowing the Excel version and the operating system would be an advantage.

Thank you for your patience and time.

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