Excel Macros from non local folder are blocked after KB5013942 atualization

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This issue happened to all personal working at the company where I work.


After microsoft windows atualization KB5013942, we noticed that any excel file saved in our local server had their macros blocked. If the excel file is located at the PC (a local folder), then it runs normally.


I have tried the following:

- Excel -> Develloper -> Macro Security -> Confiability Center ->Macro configurations -> checked all the available options to unlock macros

-Excel -> Develloper -> Macro Security -> Confiability Center -> Trusted Locations -> checked "allow trusted location in my network". I tried to add our server location as a trusted location, but could not.

- Checked for office repair; checked for system/windows atualizations.


I think the problem is that I cannot add my server location as a trusted location. The error message that I get when I try is:


"The following path cannot be added as a trusted location for security reasons. Choose other local or folder."


Even my TI support tried this and did not succed. So I do not know what else to try.


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