Excel Macros Causing Display Glitches On Workbook with Multiple Pages and Formulas

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I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I have seen a post with similar issues that was resolved, however, I tried the solution (turning on and off screen updating for the macros). The macros I am running are quite simple. Basically just unhiding and hiding sheets so that the user of the workbook doesnt have to type in a password to lock and unlock the workbook each time he needs to add more pages or remove unused pages. 


There are a lot of formulas that pull data from other areas of the workbook (Xlookup, Count, IF/And, Stuff like that) and what seems to be happening is on most pages when data is entered the active sheet becomes see through in random cells showing the next page. When I scroll down and up the sheet goes back to normal. For me it isn't an issue, however, I will be submitting this reporting template to a client multiple times and it would be nice if the workbook was working as intended. Please note that the example photos below are only one example. This issue happens on basically every page of the workbook.


Here is what a sheet looks like prior to accessing the page when has the data on it that will fill this page (The blue cells are formula cells that pull data from the next page:

Original Sheet.png

Here is the upload page where I will add data that will get uploaded to the page above (You can see the issue in this photo):

Upload Sheet with Tangled View.png

Here is what the page should look like:

Upload Sheet.png


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I find that a manual page-down and page-up usually fixes the display issue. So you could add this:

ActiveWindow.LargeScroll Down:=1
ActiveWindow.LargeScroll Down:=-1
Thank you for taking the time to respond! This would work I would imagine as i simply scroll down then up to refresh the page, however, this issue is not something that happens when the page opens up. It only happens when i enter data into a cell. Example: I click the button to open the page i desire, everything looks good, and then i enter data into a cell, everything still looks good, and then when i hit enter or anything else to have the data officially input into that cell that is when the display goes all wonky. so i would need to scroll down and up every time i enter data into any cell on the given page.
Hmm. Perhaps you should click Help, Feedback and tell them something's wrong. Make sure you include a screenshot of the issue.
Thanks Jan. Yes, I have reached out to microsoft and the reply is basically that they dont have an answer and that these things happen when using macros.... It seems so strange. I dont want to waste your time too much but If you would like, I could screen share the issue with you to show you or try to describe the issue and send a file

@Jn12345 Yeah, as soon as they think macros are involved all thinking appears to stop. Point is, this also happens when no VBA is at play at all. I see this all the time: Delete a few columns from a spreadsheet and the display doesn't change until I page-down and page-up.

Thanks for the reply. So its just a type of bug that the users just have to deal with?
thanks for the option but it didnt solve the issue unfortunately