Excel Macro performance issue after Windows May 2021 update

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We noticed extreme slowness when running an Excel macro after the Windows May 2021 update. We have Windows 10 and Office 365. Any suggestions on a fix?




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We need the code to be able to say anything sensible about your question I'm afraid. I have not seen any dip in VBA performance due to this update.

@Jan Karel Pieterse attached please find the code. Appreciate any feedback on improving performance. The Windows team is also looking into this on their end.

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I see nothing obviously wrong with the code which would explain it to become slower due to any Windows update. I do expect the code can be optimized for speed, but for that I would have to know a lot more about the entire process. You could start by refactoring it a little so no window activations and selecting of cells are needed?
Thanks for checking. I will follow up with the Windows team as well if there were any issues with the install