Excel Macro blocked

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Microsoft has blocked all macros form files that are not on your PC.

My files are on a NAS.

How do unblock the macros in the excel?



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As far as I can remember they have to put the NAS as a trusted place in Excel when it comes to macros.
Here is a link to it

Add, remove, or change a trusted location

Add a trusted location

Click File > Options.

Click Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted Locations.

Click Add new location.

Click Browse to find the folder, select a folder, and then click OK.


Hope this helps, if not please just ignore it.



That still doesn't work, because excel don't allow folder's from the network.


The only way that i found to temporay solve this issue is by create a link using CMD as administrator:

MKLINK /d c:\Folder_to_use \\\path_to_the_Network\


Use the folder that was created as a folder of the "C" Drive.


As anyone as other solution for this problem of the latest update of the office 365?



Hi Vitor,
I Had the same problem and the solution in fact it's easy:
You must refer to the network with the server name and not the IP
Example: \\serverA\path and not \\\Path
if you mapped any location with IP you need to remap with the server name.
HI this sounds like it might work for me, only i'm not sure how to do what you suggest. My files are actually kept on OneDrive and accessed as a shared folder.
Can you help please.
Regarding this topic, I've used this workaround with success, but in fact it's something which does not feel right from a security perspective.
What I would like is to allow a specific folder or file instead of the whole network share, which leaves a door open to any malicious file.
Any other way of allowing specific files on a network share without allowing them all on the network share?

@apps1655 Hi, 


I too have the same problem, I have the macro enabled excel workbook, even though I give the server path as trusted location, it's always asking me to enable the macros.


I want it to be enabled every time the document opens ? fr all the users in my organization. Is there any way