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Hi. Recently moved over to a Mac from Windows OS. 

I often search for transactions in One Drive for Excel SS, based on transaction amounts.

Since moving over to a Mac, when I enter a transaction amount in the One Drive search feature, I get zero search results.

However if I enter words (ie payees/payers/description etc) results appear.

So it seems that for some reason, my one drive search for excel transactions is not recognising digits in my search entries.

I have used figures I definitely know are present in the spreadsheets but it does not register in the search function.

(I am able to successfully used the search function within excel however need to be able to search in the One Drive folders)

Hope that all makes sense.


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It does make sense, in the sense that I fully understand what you're saying, what you want to do.


What doesn't make full sense, however, is WHY you'd search that way. Specifically for a certain number, rather than a payee, or budget category, or... 


I did try, prompted by your question, to do a search for a number, in my OneDrive ... and I'm also using a Mac--MacBook Air, to be precise. It worked, in that I got results. So many results, however, that I would consider it not all that helpful unless really searching for a needle in a haystack.


It makes me wonder how you've organized your files, how many (possibly redundant) spreadsheets you have that would force you to search the whole of OneDrive for the presence of 123.45 (or whatever). I keep a lot of financial records in spreadsheets, but if I'm searching for a given transaction, I'd do it in the spreadsheet that tracks those transactions. So I don't mean to be impertinent, but your question piques my curiosity. You needn't answer, but if you'd indulge us (I suspect others may wonder as well), what is the context in which this kind of search makes sense?

Thank you for your response.
I have set up some ss for a client who has multiple rental properties as well as work and personal expense records and prefers to keep each rental property in seperate files.
At this stage she is not wanting to use accounting software but prefers to record expenses and income in Excel.
A seperate spreadsheet is set up for each rental property. (Within each file I have set up seperate sheets for income, expenses and other relevant record keeping.)
I have since discovered that I can use One Drive on my iphone to perform the necessary searches.
I did have issues when initially setting up one drive on my mac so perhaps there is a glitch as a result. It may mean reinstalling one drive and see whether that rectifies the issue.
Kind regards.