Excel M365-Windows 10: Search for criteria in Book A to automaticall post in Book B

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For an aircraft logbook sheet, I have 12 books for each month, (i.e. "May"). For the example, I enter an origin airport code (i.e. "KSUS") in cell C4, and destination airport code column D4 (i.e. "KIAD"), say. In the same row, cell R4 should be the state miles flown for this trip, and cell S4 should be the total miles flown for this trip.

I have created a separate book titled "Miles" to house the common routes we fly and the total miles as well as state miles for that flight. In this book column A is titled "Origin" and it houses the origin airport I am looking for "KSUS". In column B, titled "Destination" it houses the destination airport I am looking for "KIAD". State Miles are located in column C ("25") and total miles are located in column D ("712").

I would like the formula in Book "May" to take the origin and destination, and search for the state and total miles in Book "Miles."

Help! Thanks!

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