Excel - locked out of a spreadsheet that I created, password doesn't work

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I just tried to password protect a spreadsheet for the 1st time.  I 'protected the sheet' and entered my password twice but now i cannot access it.  I know I am using the proper password.  Is there something I am missing?  At this point I just want to unprotect the sheet and go back to normal!

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@kcaldarera Sometimes what I have experienced is that when you have your CAPS LOCK on your typed letters are all small cases and vice versa when your CAPS LOCK is off the typed letters are all UPPER CASE. That might be causing the issue you are facing.


Please type you password in a run, notepad or word and paste the same in Excel so that you are sure of entering the correct password. 


If you are still unable to open the excel sheet, you can various Excel Decrypter both online and offline as well as free and paid options. Based on the complexity of the password you may be able to crack the same.