Excel Link in word document not updating - ITEM DROPPING OFF




I am currently having an issue where our Excel Links in our Word Documents are not updating properly. 


Our word documents have over 500 links with our excel documents to help us with report writing. Most if not all of the links are either, Text_Link or Color_Chart_Links. We use and start with a template due to the number of links. For whatever reason, when we update our links, the Color_Chart_Link does not work. 


It appears (from what I can tell) that the problem is that the item is blank on the link.

This has never occurred before and is a new problem. The links would always work. We do not get any error message, the link just simply does not update.


The only way to work around this is by double clicking on the Color_Chart_Link which opens the excel document, and then going back into Word and updating the link again. When this happens the "Item" appears and the link works again.


This method takes way to long and it is just work around. 


Any assistance would be appreciated. It is worth noting that this just started to occur. Maybe a month ago. Prior to that all the links worked just fine. 





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We need a solution to this too!! Major problem!!