Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft 365 (OneDrive) on Mac in a Browser (Chrome)

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What are the keyboard shortcuts for Excel on a Mac when using it on a browser (Chrome) in OneDrive? Specifically, I want to know how to begin editing a cell without having to click on it with my mouse (while also not deleting the content by starting to type). In Google Spreadsheets, I just hit "enter" and start typing. I found answers in various blogs that using "Control+F2" is how you do it, but I'm guessing that's for the desktop version. I want to use the shareable Excel version on my OneDrive, not a desktop version.


Furthermore, is there a way to customize them? Microsoft Help (or whatever it's called) had an article about changing them, but, as far as I could find, it was only for the desktop app, not the browser version via OneDrive/Microsoft 365 (posted in 2018, so it's relatively old at this point). (https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/excel-blog/excel-for-mac-customize-your-keyboard-shortcuts/ba...)

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