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Excel Issues - Power Pivot, Power Query, Automate

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Hi I am facing these Excel issues, hope someone can help to solve them:

1) Power Pivot tab disappear.

In Excel File > Options > Add-Ins > Power Pivot display under "Inactive Application Add-Ins".

In COM Add-Ins dialog box > tick on Power Pivot > Click Add, below screen shows up, what should I proceed?




2) Power Query respond time is slow.
Whenever a PQ table is loaded into Excel worksheet, it take a while to respond, please assist.

3) New Automate tab didn't show up in Excel.
In Excel File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Automate tab is seen here (see image below). But it is not shown up in Excel window, please assist.



Thank you!


Ong, MY.



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On which Excel platform/version you are and are you on business or consumer subscription if that's 365?

On modern Excel Power Pivot is activated from File->Options->Add-ins->COM add-ins


Power Query performance is very depends on how you structured queries.

Automate shall be on 365 for business subscribers only.

Thanks @Sergei Baklan 

Issued solved. 

@ong_bx , you are welcome