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When I open a book, the screen scrolls at a fast speed to the right. it wont stop at A1

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Please read carefully what is written in the link in advance, it will at least help us all next time, especially you.  Welcome to your Excel discussion space!


Since I have no information about the Excel version, operating system, storage medium and a precise description of the problem (preferably with a file or photo if possible), I can only guess.


Here are some guess examples:

(Carry out these steps individually and restart Excel for each step and see whether the error still exists, if yes then next step)


1. Perform an update

2. Perform a repair for Office

3. AddIn (would not be unusual if a new one was installed)

Deactivate all add-ins and close-restart Excel from the new.

4. Start in Safe Mode

Close Excel

Press and hold the CTRL key

Open Excel

Wait until a message appears asking for "Safe Mode"

Release the CTRL key

Click yes

After Excel is open

Click on File \ Open and select the file

Press and hold the SHIFT key

Click the Open button

Wait for the file to open

Release the SHIFT key

Restart Excel.



Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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