Excel is very Slow to Excecute his task

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I face a problem and I dont have any idea why this is happening

I develop a little peace of code for my customer in Excel VBA which work very good
This peace of code Query an Oracle database get the data, transform the data and after write the result in an Excel sheet

All this is done in 25 secondes


Now this is my problem.
My customer open all her Excel files like she does every day in which there are several macro and formula and also around 8 excel sheet in a same file
Once her file is open She open my file which is a separate Excel file that I develop for her and launch my peace of code by cliking a button that I preparer for her so she can  execute all the job I explain earlier which take 25 seconde to execute


Now when all her Excel files is open with my Excel file at the same time and she launch my peace of code it takes 30 minutes to execute instead of 25 secondes. This is to long.

So I am a programmer but I dont have a lot of experience in working with VBA in excel
Those somebody can give me some tips so I can verify and see what is the problem
It is possible that it has someting to do with the fact that my Excel file contains some module named module1 et in her Excel file also have some vba module named module1

Also when my customer use her Excel files she told me that other Employes use in read Only mode the same files as her
Those Excel files are centralised in a shared folder somewhere on the network
My Excel file that I prepared for her is used only by her

I will appreciate some advise that can help me to solve this issue

PS Sorry for my english I am not perfectly bilingual


Thanks in advanceand have a nice day


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