Excel is giving incorrect calculations.

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I am using very simple formulas and I am getting incorrect calculations.  I am not sure how to fix this. 


Here is my formula: =(N52-N51)/N51  (21-7)/7 = 2  or 20%.  However, I am getting 183%


Same here even though I tried the formula differently: =(F52-F51)/F51*1  (20-18)/18X1 =.11 or 11%.  However, I am getting 14%.


How do I fix this?  

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2 is not 20% but 200%.


You get unexpected results because your values are not 21 and 7 but something with a few more decimals. Change the number format to "General" to see the actual values.



@Detlef Lewin 

Typo!  It is 200% 


I see what you're saying and get it!  Man, four hours wasted.