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I use excel spreadsheet inside word documents all the time, starting last week it quit printing all my double underlines in the excel spreadsheets. Single print fine, double works fine from excel outside word. I have run the repair utility and deleted and reinstalled my printer.  

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You need to include the cell below the double bottom border in your selection before you paste it in Word as Excel object.

@Twifoo Thanks but I am inserting a blank Microsoft excel table in the word document like I have been for 25 years, it prints all the single underlines but not the double underlines, there are multiple blank lines below the double underline. 

Don’t use single and double underlines. Instead, use bottom and double bottom borders.
Also, perform calculations in Excel before you paste the object in Word.

@Twifoo I tried that as well, it will not print the double underline border either.  This has worked for me for 25 years and now it does not, its really crazy. 

I always perform all calculations in Excel before I paste the range as an object in Word. For totals, I use top and double bottom border with this shortcut:
I then include the cell below the border in my selected range before I paste it as an object in Word. The object looks and prints as I expected.
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