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Sinds I'm using Microsoft365 I'm facing the following "problem":


When I open Excel, the program is NOT opening in full-page-modus. So I have to enlarge the page manually.

In older versions of Excel I didn't have this problem.


Has anybody have a solution for me.





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Solution approach A:

  1. a) Go to the Excel icon and right-click.
  2. b) In the opened window you can see your Excel version again, example "Excel 2016".
  3. c) On this version, right-click again.
  4. d) A new window will appear, click on "Properties" with the left mouse button.
  5. e) A window "Properties of Excel e.g. 2016" appears.
  6. f) Shortcut -> Run --> Maximized --> Apply --> OK.


Solution approach B:

Switch Excel 2016 to full screen mode

  1. a) Click the square button at the top right of the window to enlarge the window to full size.
  2. b) This is followed by a click on the ribbon display options. It's the fourth icon from the right at the top right of the Excel window.
  3. c) Select Auto-Hide Ribbon. The buttons then disappear and Excel is in full-screen mode.
  4. d) If you want to see more data from the table, use the table zoom.
  5. e) To switch off full-screen mode, click the ribbon display options again and then click Show tabs and commands.


Solution approach C:

..or activate with VBA in the workbook


Private SubWorkbook_Open()

Application.DisplayFullScreen = True

end sub



Hope I was able to help you :).



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